Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fancy Kid Food

It was yet another culinary dilemma: I had an "Adult Versions of Kid Food"-Themed Potluck at work the next day, it was 11: 15 p.m., and I had nothing fun and edible to bring. After mulling over the traditional but expected options--mac and cheese, mud pie, jello--I took to the pantry. Less than half an hour later, I had a treat that would put a smile and a chocolate slather on any kid's (or coworker's) face.




Bag of Milky Ways ($4.99)
Bag of wheat pretzel twists ($1.99)
1/3 bag of chocolate chips ($1.99)
2 tablespoons of butter ($1.99)
Coarse sea salt

The Grand Total: $10.96


First, unwrap all the Milky Ways. As you're doing this, boil water in a medium to large saucepan. Also, take out a couple of nonstick cookie sheets.

When the water's boiling, place a slightly smaller saucepan over the other saucepan, so that it's resting on top. Throw in the milky ways, butter, and chocolate chips.

While the chocolate is melting, if you're planning on using almonds, toast them for 5-10 minutes in the oven or toaster oven. Let them cool for a couple minutes, then chop.

Be sure to stir the chocolate occasionally, until the mixture is all melted together  and is a taffy-like consistency.

When it looks like this, start dipping the pretzel twists in the milky way shmush. Place the dipped goodies on the cookie sheets. If you want to cover them in almonds or sea salt, let them cool for about 30 seconds and then press the toppings into the chocolate. FYI, the sea salt ones were the crowd favorite.


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