Monday, October 11, 2010

Get a Handle on It

Some evenings call for a party. Such did one Saturday night, after we had put up some new decor in our apartment and wanted to share with the world. The question was: what to serve to our thirsty guests without breaking the bank? My clever roommates and I combined forces (I can't take all the credit for this one) and masterminded this fruity and tasty concoction that had the guests refilling their glasses all night long. Or until we kicked them out at least.

If you do the same, maybe you'll get lucky enough to have guests who look like this....



*begin preparing these drinks at least 2 or more hours in advance - you'll need to make ice cubes

1 handle of cheap vodka ($9.99)
Cranberry juice ($1.99)
Frozen blueberries ($1.99)
A handful of lemons ($1)
Sprite or tonic water ($0.99)
Ice cube trays, as many as possible*

The Grand Total: $15.96 for drinks for the evening - these drinks include approximately 39.5 shots of vodka.... you do the math on how many that serves


Several hours in advance of the party (we did this the night before) place several frozen blueberries into each cell of a ice cube tray, or as many ice cube trays as you have. Fill the rest of the tray with cranberry juice, so that each ice cube will be red with blueberries floating in it. We used about 3 ice cubes per drink, so we used 3 ice cube trays and repeated this step about 5 times.

When you're getting ready to serve the drinks, fill each cup with about a 1:2 ratio, depending on your taste, of vodka: sprite. Plop in a few cranberry ice cubes, and squeeze in a spritz of lemon. Enjoy the festivities.

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